Saturday, May 2, 2009

Once again a gift…

Could you once again make a couch
For me, with the alluring flowers of dreams,
Where I can dwell in tranquility and comfort?
Could you spread-eagle me on
The branch where your reminiscence
Are laid out, once again?

Colours have faded out in the mind
Shadows are crowding in the haze;
Boundless aspirations of life
Are sighing in grief, and consternation.
I am drowning in the eddies of
A fathomless sea of misery.
Pour me out, the elixir of your smile,
Once again, before we part away.

Emerge as a causeway in the sea of my
Tears for me, to look into in your eyes;
Like faith cropping up as waves
In a walloping, stricken heart.
Gift me a little of the music still lurking in
The point of your amorous eyes
For the last time, once again, before we part..

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