Monday, May 4, 2009


If the sun rises in the morning
It will set in the evening.
If a child is born into this world
It will definitely die one day.
If a flower blooms in a plant
It will sure wilt, and wither away.
If anything is filled up,
It will get emptied once.

Love precede hate, and
Tears give way to happiness.
Destiny will laugh at this,
And time will get along endlessly.

A spark of fire can grow into
A wild fire in no time and play havoc;
And the vestige will be the scorched cinder.
Still the firmament and earth will
Remain the same, as though nothing happened.
The ramparts of intellect will always tend to grow.
The heavens have witnessed countless dawns and dusks.
There is only one door that maybe kept shut-
The mind of man; in spite of knocking, will not open.
Nevertheless, it will open once, though was remaining
Closed for so long, at the moment when death enters.
The nature and the earth were, through
Ages, watching the springs and summers
Of this dreary world so long!


Sureshkumar Punjhayil said...

This is really nice... Best wishes...!!!

Kunjubi said...

Thank you Suresh for your kind appreciation. Please drop in to read this blog regularly. Cheers. kunjubi