Monday, October 20, 2014


                                              SHE IS MINE....

 Words flee when I try to depict the beauty of my beloved.

Immaculate, soul stirring..

You may also praise her at  the  sheer sight of her.

Still to find another fairy more fairest than  her now.

She is:

Like the beauty portrayed in the Ajanta  Mural paintings..

The bewitching spell in her eyes..

Like the sweet scented melody..

As the heavenly philharmony floating in the firmament

Enrapturing and enervating the senses..

Like the sandal fragranced moon light

That beams down on a full moon day..

A garden in full bloom in the Spring..

Like the first  radiant ray of the  morning sun..

A captivating, eyeful statue made by the Creator

Carved out of sandalwood..

Or from the  finest alabaster of Italy;

Is it the moon shining there on her face

I  can not make out  the truth.

Like a flower ever fresh and unwilted;

Like a beautiful GHAZAL or the eye of the Ghazal;

A bud of the Lotus in the Mansarovar

Or the  incarnated imagination of the soul;

A  splendid dream with its  magnificent interpretation

It's like the  never ending story in the

"Thousand and One nights"...

A medley of realities and imaginations;

A countenance unique in all aspects;

The forehead resembling that of an  elephant;

A body vanquishing the butter, melting at my touch...

I cannot cast away my eyes from her eyes anymore,

They invite me to  drink from those  goblets

filled with the wine of her love, intoxicating me.

She looks down with coy meekness;

She looks up towards heaven in prayer..

Her glances  up and down captivate the earth and

The sky together  as Narcissus.

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