Monday, October 20, 2014





Come my beloved.. the weather is changing now

The sandalwood showering moonlight will fade now.

Remove the facade of your veil and allow me

To see your face and my yearning will be tranquilized.

'Call her, my friends! ,let her come here

And her presence will relieve me from

The malady affecting me now.
If you are not coming, just send me a letter

At least, so that I can feel better with

Your adoring message for the time being.

Do hold the tresses of your dress, lest it should

Fall off and obliterate your face;

And I won't be able to enjoy the splendour.

The moon light that enter in my courtyard

Will leave tomorrow if you are not here

The arrogant wind that blows through your house

May bring the dust and cover my face then.

My Darling.. fall in love with someone

And your life will change its direction and

You will realize the beauty of love then.

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