Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I CAN...


I can hear the painful groans
Even while I am laughing loudly, in regalement.
I can savour the fragrance, emanating from
An unfurled flower, while it is withering.

I can perceive the semblance of love
Floating above the placid lake in the chasm
Of your dreaming eyes, flickering in my presence;
Even when there is no light.

I can hear in my slumbers, those prayers
Softening and smoothening the megalith obelisks.
I can sit on the throes of lofty waves of anguish
In the ocean, while I fly over them alone.

The filtered vital breath of my life, while it
Enters the caves of my nostrils, I join the
Chorus of melodies of love, that of the Universe,
And sing with all the created beings
In symphony of unique harmony.

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