Thursday, February 4, 2010


God created the seven seas with tears;
And time erected an edifice of anguish and grief
In love with sighs, erupting in the hearts.
Honeycombs of love turned to sweet sighs,
And glitzy dreams became embers in the ash,
That chilled us with frustration.

The sunlight faded as the night greeted darkness
With a dulcimer in hand holding close to the breast;
And sang its melody into the depth of the gloom.
Singing the strains, blooming in the cloud
Springing from love, forsaken.

What is the cause of the unhappiness in the soul;
That is hearkened by the ocean;
Diffusing its angst fizzing in the heart?
My beloved! You come back to me!
It is safe to moor in this harbour of bliss

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