Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love letter

I wrote a message of my love, to give to my Beloved
While the adoring full moon was attempting
To engrave a melody on the manifold clouds
In the pallid silence of the night;
A letter that could not be perceived or deciphered
By the naked eye, on the resplendent pages of
The heart, overwhelming with endearments.
With a pen of my imagination and the blissful
Reminiscence, quivering in the mind.
I wrote it as a garland of musical sounds:
My desires, without you knowing it, my Beloved.
You have dissolved in me already like
The fleecy clouds hugging the sky;
Your smiles settled in me like waves
Of ecstasy in the ocean, embracing the shore.
And now that budding love unaware among us
Will encompass as the spring blossoms,

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