Friday, February 29, 2008

Ode to Love...4

Ode to Love
Clouds heap upon clouds and it darkens the mind.
Why do you let me stand outside your door,
Knocking all the time and all alone?
If you don’t show your face and leave me outside the door,
I know not, how I am to pass these
Long secluded hours.
I keep gazing at the far away gloom of the sky,
And my heart wanders waiting with the
Churning memories.
If you are not talking, I will fill up my heart
With your silence and endure it.
I will keep still and wait with the night
With starry vigil, with my head bent low
With patience- but my heart will be crying all along.
The dawn will surely come, the darkness will vanish
And your voice will pour down in golden rivulet,
Breaking through the morning sky, and then go.
When the door of your chamber opens,
You will find a desolate body, with feeble heart beats
About to die in waiting, for you.
You will revive it with your love and kisses.
Melodies will reverberate in the firmaments,
Of your love.

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