Sunday, December 16, 2007

To my beloved......

My beloved!
Whenever I feel grief in my heart
I decorate it with myriads of thoughts
About your passion and serene smile..
I lived for quite some time with my
Too vulnerable- ‘touch-me-not’ soul.
Whenever my feelings vex and cajole me
Your name adores my lips!

Because you loved me so much

I felt the ecstasy you brought into my life.
You gave me the wings of a butterfly
And I flew, and saw the wonders of this life.
I tasted the nectar from the flowers in your garden,
I drank the sweet wine of your mouth.
We visited the unseen vistas of pleasures,
I was intoxicated with your love.
Once, I thought this heart belonged to me
And was mine, all alone and aloof;
Now it is only yours.