Monday, November 19, 2007

Is it true......

Is it a dream?
I often wonder…
Is it spring time?
I guess so….
As I realized the joy of a blooming flowers,
I wonder if I can cherish the gem
I got from the several black tunnels
On the sordid path of my life.,
Can I lie down and sleep under
The shade of a green tree
Which promise me protection?

My heart knows only one melody,
The lullaby of a friend.
Will you ever believe me if
I say “yes, it’s a dream come true.”

In the darkest shadows of my mind
You brought a lamp, lighted it and
Drove those shadows of melancholy, away.
My life was desolate, and you filled
It with the rays of the sunlight, and hope.

Do not leave me in this lurch,
In the whirlpool of this life ;
Lest I get lost in the alleys
Of life’s tempest
Once again….And perchance
If I ever…

Remember, I will be somewhere
Around, on the surface of this earth,
And you too, I don’t know….


Geetha Geethikal said...

Cherish the one who came to your life with the light of hopes...

good poem.

kunjubi said...

Thank you very much Geetha for having taken the pain to go through my posts and make a comment appreciating it. I look forward for this co-operation in future as well, and suggest to me anything which you may find, is lacking in them. Thanks a lot. Cheers. kunjubi

വേണു venu said...

Good Poem.

Kunjubi said...

Venujee... Thank you very much for having taken the trouble of reading my humble lines and making a .comment. You can also suggest if it needs any improvisations! Thanks. kunjubi

Renu John said...

beautiful words.
i will come back again to check more from you,

kunjubi said...

Renu ! Thank you very much for the kindest of a favour you have shown to me, visiting my blog and writing a word about it.. Really this is an inspiration, which creates a driving force inside me to write more. Please do visit as often as possible. Thanks. kunjubi