Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The shores are far away;

The waves are breaking on the cold

Alabaster stone, on the corniche.

My paper boat is rollicking unruly

On the waves, in a sea of tears.

There is no one to share the throes

Of this heavy burden in the mind.

The twinge is spreading malignantly

Into the soul, like a crab in the sand.

I can see the gleam of a few stars

Glistening in the far away precinct

Of the skyline, like sentinels guarding

The darkness and the occasional flash

Of lightning trying to assuage the wrath

Of the night, by snuggling in fondness.

Still juggling in the hands of the cruel waves,

I remain ignorant of my directions, in frenzy

Listening to the cry of the sea birds in derision.

The flame of life is deflecting in the vortex of

The swirling waves, of the rancid water.

The earthen pot of agonies wrangling

To quench its thirst, in despair;

Now a faint twilight dawns in the horizon.

I am nearer to a verdant shore where

She is waiting to greet me with

Wine of her love and the warmth of her body…

`~ Kunjubi


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