Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awakened Dreams!

I will weave a rainbow for you,

From the flowers, blooming

Into my mind in the spring,

I will steal a drop of light

From the lamp, burning in your

Boudoir, behind the curtains;

And enlighten your eyes.

I have come to lay my head

In your bosom, as a streak of gold.

I became a thimbleful of ambrosia,

Melting into your song, and brimmed over…

While I stand near you,

My heart flinches to pulsate with my love;

And turn to be, a honey eater

On the brim of a flower, sucking nectar.

When your touch arouse me,

I become a glimmering star yonder up.

I morph into a statue, and

Forget everything, when your

Bosom touches my arm, by fluke.

You are a thousand memories in my mind’s anklet.

You stood on the threshold of dreams

And called me to your side;

Telling me, some incoherent secrets.

Again and again till time stands still,

You cuddle and kiss my dreams,

Entice and awaken them…

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