Friday, September 14, 2007


You were the one who soothed
My scorched feet
Walking on the embers on
The rugged path of life.

The giant tree spreading
Its branches of ceaseless love
Giving shelter and shade
In the arid summer ;
That very tree has now uprooted
In the twister, and the branches
Burned out to ashes ,
And has lost to the world.

Helpless I go on my
Lonely wandering
Through the dark tunnels
Of my unknown future.

My beloved skylark,
You have flown away, breaking
The bars of the cage, which was my love .
The music of your fluttering wings
Also have melted into the firmament.
You will never comeback to this
Nest of my love- into this empty cage!
This cursed life…..

I saved only one thing!
The plumes of splendor, you have
Shed in the empty cage you have left.........

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